Friday, June 3, 2011

Houston, we have a crawler.

So the big news during Charlotte's 8th month is she crawls. She is on the move and that means so am I. I think it is more of an inch worm kind of crawl than a real on all 4's type of crawl. But she now knows what she wants and which direction to go in to get it.

And normally that direction is in the opposite direction I am at at the moment.  Needless to say this is the view I see of her most lately.

And here are a few shots of me trying to hold her still for more than 5 seconds. :D

Lastly, Jillibean posted a sneaky of their new line on the blog today.  Hop on over to check it out.  I don't know about you but I can't wait to see more!

Happy Friday!!!



  1. I definitely remember those days! She is so adorable :)

    Liking the peek from Jillibean Soup!

  2. She is so adorable, Teka! And very busy, by the look of it:)

  3. she is precious! and those sneaks are awesome.